Tome of the Chalice

Tome in [[ThirdLocation]]


The bool has the symbol of the chalice on the cover. It’s written in an unknown combination of languages. But contains some spells.

Flipping through the book, In one picture there is a drawing of a figure on the altar, back arched in pain and some long arm coming up and out of the victim’s body writhing in the air.

In another picture, there is a man standing in a circle of fire with 6 pillars of light arcing through his body and outward.

In the final picture, it shows the silhouettes of hordes of human-like creatures of various sizes, some drawn with horns, some drawn with serpentine bodies all bowing down with their faces on the ground around where a large crack splits the image and light is drawn shooting out into the sky from the crack


Tome of the Chalice

Guardians of the Chalice duhprey