Entry way from the portal

This has a door with the triangle shape and a star ruby with the symbol of the chalice. This one is in the bottom center position of the triangle. The ruby is still there.

The air here is much warmer and more oppressive than where you just came, making it difficult to breath. Although the shape and structure of the walls is similar to those of the previous, there are roots breaking through in some places giving hall the feeling of a large and deeply buried sarcophagus. At the end of the hall are large stone double doors.

Inner chamber

The room is dimly lit with a grey light that casts no shadows, like an overcast day at noon. Pass a note to John “Your skin crawls and the room feels unnaturally quiet” to Mike “The room makes your skin itch and you’re muscles twitchy, like restless leg syndrome” They cannot cast spells in this room. When they enter the animated carpet attacks… Mike will ignore this despite having just talked about what a party they are and proceed to the table with the magic stuff so he can get it while the other players get attacks.
At the far end of the room over double doors like the ones you came through is a carving of a chalice in a circle. In the center of the room is an altar. In front of the altar is a pedestal with a large book. At the far end beside the doors are two tables covered in bottles, jars, candles, mortar and pestles, a few books, and other such implements of wizardly gear. To the right is a table with a few books including Guardians Book, candles, and a scrying orb. Along each side are wall length shelves of books.

Among the shelves are some spell books. Many history books. One of the tables (the one Mike went to) is evidently used for enchantment. There are arrows on the table and a greatsword leaning up against it. There was also a rod of detect enemy on it.

Outer Chamber

There are two long tables with benches across the room. All the benches are turned over and one of the tables is collapsed and broken in the middle. The other looks like it’s read to topple. On the far wall are two racks of weapons mostly ransacked. Along the side walls are bunks, one of them is broken the upper bunk collapsed partway into the lower. In the back corners are store rooms, with a collection of rotting food and some preserved rations. Above the door is the rune “Desperation” When it is looked at carefully an earthquake starts that seal up the room with a heavy stone door and destroys the lower room… making it quite difficult to leave.


Guardians of the Chalice duhprey